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Reason #23: Providing a space for storytelling

*cino needs YOU to vote each day in December to help us win a $50,000 grant to renovate the old kindergarten room at Huss School! Why vote? Read on…
Reason #23: This venue will provide a service for our local community’s past, present and future as a space for storytelling.
Just in the year and a half that *cino has owned Huss School, innumerable stories have come out about people’s experiences with the building–as teachers, as neighbors, as students, as mischief-makers, as musicians. A building that’s been standing since 1919 is bound to gather a few memories and we hope the school can continue to be a venue for both the making and the recording of Three Rivers stories.
Our history project has already begun that process through audio recordings of interviews with past students and teachers and we hope to continue the interviews in addition to holding special events that gather people who have had connections to the school in the past. Last June, friends of *cino organized a storytelling night as a fundraiser and we hope to host more of these kinds of events. We also hope the school can be a place that changes people’s stories in large and small ways–through new friendships, by discovering a hidden talent, by finding a place of acceptance and compassion in the midst of a hard life. Our stories are the artifacts of who we are as individuals and as a community. We hope to create new ones worth telling and uncover and preserve the ones that need desperately to be heard.