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Reason #13: Artistic gifts flourish when shared

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Reason #13: Individual artistic gifts are an important part of a community’s assets and both the artist and the community flourish when these gifts are shared.
One of the things we’ve been watching develop over the past couple of years is the Three Rivers Artists Guild. We knew there were a lot of really talented artists in our community, but it’s been delightful to see the new activities and venues that have grown out of their collaboration. They’ve launched a monthly art in the park event during the warmer months and, as I type, they’re selling their creations at a holiday gallery and art market down the street. The guild has been a win-win development–the community has greater access to art and the artists have greater access to income generation. One of our hopes for art programming at Huss School is that it would create a space where adult artists can share their gifts with neighborhood kids who would benefit from exposure to works of art and to their own capacity to create beautiful things. We also hope that the adult artists would be energized and renewed in their creativity by spending time with children whose imaginations are so young and fresh.