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Brick Campaign print

Some questions folks have about the Brick Campaign may be answered over on the Huss Project FAQ page, but here are some other questions related specifically to the campaign.


I don’t live in Three Rivers, but I’m interested in buying a brick.  Why should I invest from afar?

The Huss Project seeks to create a relationship between local community development in Three Rivers and outside groups coming in for a variety of purposes–for retreat, for service-learning, for experiential education, for leadership training.  We hope the Huss Project will be one model of Christian community development that will inspire practice in other communities, whether that practice originates with student groups, churches, neighborhood associations or other groups of people working together for the welfare of their communities.  The investment and ownership of local neighbors is critical to the development of the project.  Likewise, the participation of outside groups through visits, spring break programs, service-learning trips and other points of connection is an important part of the whole vision.  We hope the Huss Project will ultimately be a blessing to society and the Church at large.


How will the money raised through the Brick Campaign be spent?  What happens if the Brick Campaign goal is not met?

Visit our goal page to see a specific plan for the $100,000 we intend to raise through the Brick Campaign.  Our ultimate intention is to move the Huss Project forward in some very practical, capacity-building ways and reaching our complete goal will go a long way in this regard.  That said, we are committed to the Huss Project for the long haul.  For ten years, *culture is not optional has been operating on a shoestring budget and for over three years, we’ve been pooling available resources to do what we can at the Huss School property as is, which has amounted to a remarkable number of special events and programs.  Whatever resources our supporters contribute during the campaign will be stewarded with discernment by the *culture is not optional community and the Huss Project stakeholders.  As we reach benchmarks on the way to the big goal, we will listen to the needs of the community, the organization and the building to decide how to prioritize available funds.  The end of the campaign is not the end of our fundraising efforts and we will continue to seek the necessary resources of all kinds to develop and realize a collective vision for the Huss Project.


Am I receiving an actual brick, or will my name be engraved on a brick at the school?

As the 27,000 square foot building on the Huss property is composed of structural brick, there is no need to invest the money we raise through the Brick Campaign in brand new bricks!  Each brick purchase will be commemorated with a handmade, keepsake, numbered print of the Huss building (see above).  In addition, we will be collaborating over the next year to develop a plan for a piece of installation art — a mural perhaps — for the Huss Property that will honor each of our donors and the messages they would like to convey on their bricks.  Our hope is to honor our supporters with a beautiful, creative expression that acknowledges their gifts and upholds the artistic spirit of the Huss Project.


What if I want to support the Huss Project, but I can’t afford $100 to buy a brick?

We want all who wish to participate in the Brick Campaign to be able to contribute–not just those with financial means.  Toward that end, here is a list of suggestions for ways to participate, even if you can’t shell out $100:

  • Break up your contribution through a payment plan, which you can arrange through the Buy a Brick form.  We can break it up in to two, four or five monthly installments.
  • Give or request a brick as a gift so that resources that would be directed elsewhere can support the Huss Project.  How could a brick meaningfully honor a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday or other celebration?
  • Host a fundraiser at your home or church.  What could you make or organize that would give you joy, build up your community and help raise a few dollars for the Huss Project?  Ideas include a dinner, a bake sale, a storytelling night, a handmade craft, a change collection, a plant sale or a service auction.
  • Give of your time and skill to be honored as someone who has volunteered for the Huss Project.  In addition to raising funds, we are also working on documenting and honoring all of those who have served in person on site at the property in Three Rivers.
  • Pray for the Huss Project.  The *culture is not optional community recognizes that material resources supply only a portion of what is needed to realize the vision for the whole, and we receive your petitions to God with gratitude and hope.