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Building Renovations

The Imaginarium

One of the Huss Project’s core values is a commitment to preserving and sharing the stories that shape our community, and a large part of those stories is tangibly wrapped up in the physical places of our neighborhood. With the historic Huss School turning 100 years old in 2019, and over sixty of those years serving as the elementary school for 2nd Ward in Three Rivers, there are hundreds of memories and stories from our community attached to this place.

To give new life to those stories and create new space for future generations sharing memories at Huss, we have undertaken the major task of renovating the building, starting with the old kindergarten room. After months of demolition, painting, plumbing, wiring, cutting, sanding, and nailing into place, we finished the construction of the Imaginarium – a space for community gatherings, future youth and educational programming, and special events to celebrate and imagine together!

We are beyond grateful for the immense generosity from our friends, city, neighbors, families, and volunteers who invested countless people hours, dollars, and enthusiasm to make this giant step possible!

If you’re interested in helping with future renovation projects whether physically helping make it happen or becoming a financial supporter, please visit our volunteer page and donation page for more info. And as always feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas you have regarding the exciting future of the Imaginarium.


Barn Demo and Wood Upcycling

All of the wood that wraps the walls inside the Imaginarium was reused from the demolition of an old dairy barn in Three Rivers as well as many of the floor studs from the 2nd story were reused to frame the bookshelves. At Huss we’re hard core believers in upcycling the abundance of materials around us, so restoring this barn wood and giving it a new home at Huss was one of the beautiful finishing touches for the Imaginarium.

Historic Window Restoration

We installed new, more energy efficient windows that reflect the look of the building’s original windows from 100 years ago.


In renovating the Imaginarium we did a very exstensive remodel of all of the following and more: adding insulation on all outer walls for more efficient heating, aesthetically exposing interior brick walls,  installing a new H/VAC system, better lighting, new plumbing, and a new sink and fridge for a kitchenette area. Along all the walls, we also built bookshelves to fill this space with sparks of curiosity and new knowledge in every corner. To top it all off, a local welder friend built a beautiful spiral staircase to connect the two stories of the Imaginarium.


The Finished Product!