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Semester program

Throughout the country and the world, many programs invite college students to spend a semester off-campus studying a topic specific to their major through on-site, hands-on experience.  One of the future ideas for the Huss Project is to host one of these semesters for college students who want to learn about themes of rural community development, service-learning and intentional community.  Students will live together at the Huss Project, sharing meals and studying with both visiting professors and local member of the Three Rivers community.  These mentors will help equip and sustain students in their passion for living lives that bring more peace, hope and imagination into the world.  The students will also give back to the community and build their professional experience by participating in internships throughout the Three Rivers area.


The benefits of hosting a semester program at the Huss Project are many.  It will contribute to the financial sustainability of the historic property through program tuition.  It will bring youthful energy and enthusiasm, as well as an innovative form of economic development into the Huss neighborhood and the city of Three Rivers.  It will create a base of people who have Three Rivers on their map of significant places that shaped them, generating future investment, tourism and financial support.

*culture is not optional has already been working with college students at the Huss Project through spring break service-learning trips, leadership development trainin

g and summer internships and we look forward to expanding this work into a semester program.