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Multi-tenant nonprofit center

The times, they are a-changin’ for non-profit organizations.  The passion to work together to serve our communities remains, but giving and granting patterns have shifted, making it a challenge to survive, much less thrive.

We envision the Huss Project as a space where multiple non-profit organizations can share space in order to save money, pool resources and find creative collaboration in their programming for the benefit of those they serve. This model will also allow the Huss Project to lift up and support existing organizations that are already doing good work in the Three Rivers community, rather than reinventing the wheel or participating in unhelpful competition.

As opposed to organizations renting separate, designated spaces, we envision organizations participating in a system of time-sharing, wherein monthly rental fees earn the organization time that they can use in the various facilities of the Huss Project, based on their unique programming needs. Sharing space will provide the opportunity for organizations to access resources they may not be able to afford on their own, like a gym, a commercial kitchen, classroom space and administrative infrastructure.

For more about the benefits and structure of multi-tenant non-profit centers, see this helpful information from the Nonprofit Centers Network.  Please contact us if you know of a non-profit organization that would be interested in sharing space at the Huss Project.