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Art classes

Anyway, for all this: imagination.  To tell our stories, to play them out, to paint pictures, moving and still, but above all to glimpse another way of being.  Because as much as we need to describe the kind of world we do live in, we need to dream up the kind of world we want to live in.


U2: At the End of the World

The Huss Project is already a center for creative expression through murals, crafts, music, collaboration, storytelling and play.  As we renovate the facility, we will include spaces for people of all skill levels to create art, from artist studios to classroom space.

Making art is about more than just creating an object to hang on the wall.  Making art has the capacity to expand our imaginations about what’s possible for us and for our communities outside the studio.  If an ugly, sticky lump of clay can become a beautiful vessel with a bit of careful attention, what could we ourselves become when we graduate high school?  What could we create if we simply walked across the street and got to know our neighbors?

To learn more about the vision for the arts at Huss, check out projects like The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in Pittsburgh and Heartside Ministry in Grand Rapids.