Rummage sale

Get ready for rummage! Donations & volunteers needed!

Spring is springing, summer is on the way, and we’re getting ready for our big annual rummage sale as part of Huss Future Fest 2018! Upcoming needs include RUMMAGE DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS to help with sorting and organizing donated items. Here are some dates to mark down on your calendar and plan your spring cleaning…

*cino staff 2017

Thank you for helping us meet our year-end goal!

You all amazed us here in Three Rivers over the past two weeks. Earlier this year, a generous donor approached us with a proposal: they’d contribute up to $5,000 as a match for individual donations to *culture is not optional (the parent organization of the Huss Project) before the end of 2017. Our small core…

Dollar for Dollar Campaign

Dollar for Dollar Campaign: Donations matched until December 12!

Our Dollar for Dollar Campaign officially launches today! From now until December 12, all donations will be matched by a generous donor (up to $5,000). You can donate online today to help us reach our $10,000 goal! We’ll update our progress on the site throughout the campaign. Donations will help us continue our community development…

Huss Future Festival 2017

Eighth Annual Huss Future Fest was a blast!

A grand time was had by a record over 900 attendees at Huss Future Festival on Saturday, July 22! From the halls of the rummage sale to the chairs in the shade of the trees, nearly every corner of the Huss Project was abuzz with activity throughout the day. The sun came out from behind…

Future Festival 2017 photos

Future Festival 2017 photos are now online!

We’ve just uploaded over 100 photos to our Future Festival 2017 album. You can now check out all of our Photo Booth pictures and see images from throughout the day. Thank you again to all of the volunteers, artists, musicians, organizations, food vendors, farmers, and visitors who made this year’s Festival such a great event!

Future Festival 2017 photo booth

Check out this year’s Future Festival 2017 photo booth!

We’re still working on organizing and uploading more photos from Future Festival, but this year’s photo booth pictures are up and they’re fantastic! Head on over to our Huss Future Festival 2017 album on Flickr to see all of this year’s pictures.

Delicious options at Future Fest Farmers' Market and food vendors

Tasty options at Future Fest Farmers’ Market and vendors

What does it look like to do your grocery shopping at a Farmers’ Market? It looks like free blueberry samples, and huge baskets of fresh-picked corn. It looks like picking out the very best tomatoes, the ones you want to be at the peak of ripeness for your salad on Tuesday, or your spaghetti sauce…

Family-friendly fun at Huss Future Fest!

Family-friendly fun at Huss Future Fest!

Ready for some fun for the whole family? One of the reasons kids love Future Fest is because of the games and activities where they can learn, create, and be active! We’ve got a whole line-up of things for kids to enjoy: The Community Carnival is back for the fifth year running! Organizations from the…

Music and art: Join in on the creativity at Future Fest!

Music and art: Join in on the creativity at Future Fest!

Savoring for a taste of soulful creativity this summer? At the Huss Future Fest, we’ll be enjoying the summer sunshine with a community of creative folks who are bringing their musical rhythms and colorful masterpieces to join in celebrating our imaginative and playful spirit together. Come share in the singing and music making with our…

Rummage sale

Huss Future Fest 2017 has rummage galore!

Calling all good people who love a good deal in support of a good cause: this year’s Huss Future Fest rummage sale is going to be amazing! I hope you have your calendar marked for the Fest, which is just one week from today—that’s July 22 from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. The annual rummage sale is…

Hussagram: Share your story

Hussagram: Share your story

We all have stories to tell. On June 22, friends and neighbors came together at the Huss Project to talk, share stories, and eat way too much dessert. Our brave host kicked the night off by introducing the event with a story of his own—one down. Then we’d exchange glances, nudging our friends, mouthing an encouraging…

Hussagram: Summer lunches at Huss

Hussagram: Summer lunches at Huss

Driving past the Huss Project at noon on a weekday you won’t find an empty parking lot or vacant picnic benches. What you will see are kids with chalk covered hands and dirt smudged clothing taking a break from their summer adventures to sit with their friends and partake in rarity: a true free lunch….