Summer lunch bikes

Reflecting on summer lunches at Huss

Along with many other programs we do at the Huss Project, our summer lunch program — a partnership with Three Rivers Schools — draws a sea of kids from our neighborhood who come each and every day to eat lunch. It is a rather simple program; our duties involve providing a safe space for the kids to…

Future Festival 2015

Video highlights from Future Festival 2015!

Thanks to the fantastic work of Daniel Ferrell, one of our *culture is not optional summer interns, we have a beautiful video showcasing the highlights of this year’s Future Festival. While we’ve produced videos of past festivals (2010 and 2013), Daniel’s talents have taken this video far beyond what we’ve previously been able to accomplish. In…

Hussagram: New garden sign

Hussagram: New garden sign

We have a new feature in the garden this year: a sign! For years we’ve wanted to have a more official marker for the garden space and we’re excited that we finally got around to designing, building, and installing a sign this summer. Welcome to the Huss Gardens!

Summer lunches

Summer lunches already a great success

If you are making your way by the Huss Project around noon these days, you’ll notice quite a crowd in the front of the building sitting at picnic tables and sprawling on blankets in the yard. What’s going on? For the past three years, the Huss Project has partnered with Three Rivers Community Schools to provide free…

Future Fest Dance Party

Rain and Shine: Future Fest 2015!

I can see clearly now the rain is gone. This year’s Future Fest celebration built on traditions, memories, and relationships developed over the event’s six-year history. But there was one noticeable difference that no one could ignore: this time the rains came! After a vibrant morning of fun, music, and rummage, the day was punctuated with a riot of…

Future Festival banner

Send us your Future Festival photos!

Do you have photos from Future Festival that we can share via our Flickr photoset? Please get in touch to find out how to send us your photos. We’d love to get a more complete record of the event and your photos will help us see the event more fully. Thank you!

Future Festival: Thanks!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ll have a full report with details, photos, and video up soon, but we wanted to take the earliest opportunity to thank everyone who participated in Future Festival 2015 to make it a great day for our community! Thank you to all of the organizations who organized games for the Coin Carnival. Thank you to…

Future Fest: Art

Future Fest preview: Create, see, and buy great art!

We’ve got music. We’ve got food. We’ve got an acre full of fun. But it wouldn’t be Future Fest without art, art, art. This year, there’s art to see, art to wear, art to throw, art to buy—and plenty of art to make! Local artists make a big splash at Future Fest. Gail Walters and Sarah…

Future Fest: Music

Future Fest preview: Tune in to local music!

In addition to the fun activities and nourishing food, Future Fest has evolved into a sort of miniature music festival. This year’s lineup showcases exciting local acts in a variety of genres. Don’t miss it! Local country rock mainstay Douglas James will kick things off at 10am, to be followed by the thoughtful folk pop of Tara…

Future Fest: Food

Future Fest preview: Tasty treats for every appetite!

A golden summer day, a picnic table beneath the trees, a kickin’ band kickin’ it right over there, and fresh garden veggies to munch, delectable barbeque to tear into, or a snowcone piled high with fluffy ice and dripping with syrup to keep the heat at bay. This Saturday, all that and more awaits you…

Future Fest: Activities

Future Fest preview: Fun for everyone!

Come to the Huss Future Festival and you’ll find a host of fun activities for the whole family throughout the day! Thanks to the hard work of the Three Rivers Area Faith Community, we’re partnering with the Back to School Celebration again this year, at which school-age children with a parent or guardian can receive a…