2015 storytelling

Announcing our 2015 Summer Storytelling Series!

What do Outsiders, Magic, Showdowns, and Turning Points have in common? These are the themes for our series of 2015 storytelling nights! Need more? Have you ever felt like your were on the outside looking in? Have you ever known anyone who didn’t seem to belong? That’s our kickoff theme for the first storytelling night….

Fall Colors Supper Club

A fall colors dinner

People keep telling us that we should start a restaurant. To quote one satisfied Supper Club attendee, “You guys are the best restaurant in Three Rivers!” Even said glibly, this is a comment that has stuck with us. We would never sell short the efforts of those restauranteurs already established in our fine city, but…

Downtown Harvest Market

Join us at the Downtown Harvest Market!

The garden at the Huss Project has become something special for the folks involved in and around the school. We find ourselves continuing to learn more about the process of growing food, of sharing that food, and what it means in the context of what we’re trying to do at Huss. The arm of that…

Summer 2014

A look back at a full summer at Huss

When summer winds down, when temperatures fall and the distinct smell of autumn infuses the air, we at the Huss Project find ourselves in a time of reflection. Summer is our busiest time of the year, and this past summer was our busiest yet! We kicked off the season by screwing together a cadre of picnic…

August storytelling

Stories inspired by local haunts

Our latest night of storytelling magic centered around the theme of local haunts. At first, there was confusion about what this meant. Were we telling ghost stories in August? The intended theme of the night was meant to inspire folks to tell stories about meaningful places in their lives, places that they would return to again…


Seeking rummage donations!

It’s that time of year again. Garage sales are in bloom, folks are out walking the streets, looking for hot deals, and Future Festival is fast approaching. We want to help people find those deals at Future Festival 2014 with a giant rummage sale! There are always things to be sold, things that can be recycled…

Picnic table

Picnic table workshop at the Huss Project

Thanks to a generous grant from the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM), we have the opportunity on June 7 to host a Picnic Table Workshop at the Huss Project. The idea behind the workshop is to teach participants how to build picnic tables while building several tables for use in an outdoor pavilion that will facilitate…


Storytelling Series to resume in June

In The Republic, Plato says, “Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes.” We at The Huss Project make this same invitation. Come educate our heroes, or yourself be educated. We will begin our summer of storytelling on June 6 at the Huss Project….

Winter roof

A view from the rooftop

It can be easy to lose sight of something in the winter. Snow obscures it, covering it up and burying it from our eyes. We hunker down in our blankets, trying to keep in the body heat and keep out high heating bills. In these times, it is difficult to remember why you did something…

Kennedy's Kitchen at the Riv

Kennedy’s Kitchen at the Riviera Theatre

We filled up most of the Riviera Theatre in downtown Three Rivers this past Friday night for a fundraising event to help the Huss Project. There was dancing from the Celtic Fire Irish Stepdancers, appetizers from the *cino crew, and all the drinks you could handle from the fine folks of the Riviera. Oh, and…

Underground Supper Club 6

A Supper Club on the river

This past Saturday evening, folks of Three Rivers and beyond gathered in a house downtown that is literally a short stone’s throw from the Portage River (you can chuck ice out the window into the flowing water) for an autumnal Supper Club to try and beat the upcoming winter doldrums and to help out the…

Kennedy's Kitchen

Kennedy’s Kitchen to play for Huss

If you’ve never heard of Kennedy’s Kitchen, we here at *cino and the Huss Project are about to open your eyes because this is a band that will knock your socks off and then gently serenade them right back on. Two words: Irish music. Need I say more? Who doesn’t love the melodic magic of…