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Planting trees to honor the earth: Mapping our white pines

White Pines

White Pines

Happy Earth Day! Today is the 50th anniversary of the first celebration on April 22, 1970, when over 20 million people participated in teach-ins, rallies, and workshops, in the largest show of support for any cause in U.S. history!

In honor of Earth Day 2020, we at the Huss Project are celebrating the lives of the 100 white pine trees that we distributed at Huss Future Fest last July, in partnership with River Country Solidarity. It’s been a joy to walk around our neighborhood this spring and see the saplings beginning to thrive in their new homes! And as you can see from our map, many of the trees landed even further afield. We are excited that these little trees will bring joy and life to all living things for generations to come.

Thank you for all you do to love and protect this precious planet we all call home!