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All public events at Huss are cancelled until further notice


Dear friends,

As you can imagine, we’ve been spending a lot of time researching coronavirus trends and practices, and discerning how to apply that learning responsibly to *culture is not optional (our parent organization) activities. The pattern we’ve seen in several other countries is a rapid spike in the number of cases of a virus that is ten times deadlier than the flu.

Given how things are developing, we’ve decided it would be wise to cancel (or postpone) all non-essential gatherings that our organization is hosting, including the film festival, music jam session, and storytelling night. In addition to personal and social hygiene practices, cancellation of events is one thing within our power to help slow the spread of the virus to manageable levels and ensure that medical care can be prioritized for the most vulnerable folks in our communities. This decision also gives each of us space, as we are able, to take care of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

Right now, the coronavirus feels like a death in the family, when everything else that’s important in life takes a back seat to tending to and grieving a loss. But other important things don’t cease to matter. Even if we’re not hosting a film festival, climate change is still a thing. Even if we’re not gathering to share stories, we still need to make sure we’re connecting to one another in meaningful ways.

The Huss Project is all about growing our capacity for imagination, and that capacity is in high demand right now. Please consider:

  • How can I adapt my use of technology for the time being to foster a sense of meaningful connection, especially with those in my life who may be feeling isolated?
  • Many people who already experience food and financial insecurity are going to find their struggles amplified. How am I equipped to support local efforts to care for neighbors in need during this time?
  • If I find myself in need, who can I reach out to for support?
  • What is the call to Sabbath right now for the earth, for our spaces, for our economy, for our selves?

Many of us will end up at home for a while. Resist the urge to binge on news and Netflix. Pray for those who are suffering and those who are in positions of authority. Make a cup of green tea and drink it slowly, imagining how it’s energizing your immune system. Phone your grandparents, actual and honorary.

This situation is a test—an opportunity to discern our values, practice, and learn. Take good care, friends, and let us know if there are ways we can be in mutual support.

the *cino community