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Imaginarium ideas, day 7: Deborah

45 Ideas: Deborah Haak

45 Ideas: Kirstin Vander Giessen Reitsma

We asked friends, neighbors, and community partners to give us their ideas for the brand-new Imaginarium once it’s completed. There’s still time to submit YOUR idea for the Imaginarium for a chance to win a sweet Huss Project prize pack!

Here’s what Deborah Haak said:

Where in Three Rivers is someone likely to spot you, and what would you be doing there?

I work behind the scenes at the Three Rivers Public Library, where I love making connections within the community, helping people access resources, and coordinating the library garden (I also do a lot of paperwork there, too). As a downtown resident, I frequent downtown establishments such as Lowry’s Books, World Fare, and the Riviera Theatre.


What is your connection to Huss?

I visited Three Rivers on a whim in 2011 and worked at the Huss Project for a week, tearing up carpet and learning about the building’s history and plans for the future. I was captivated by the vision for the space! I returned later that year as a volunteer and have been involved ever since with gardening, fundraising, event planning, and more.


The Huss Project is working on turning the old kindergarten room into a cool new space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and room for community events. What’s your most creative idea for something that could happen there?

I would love to see it the space used as an all-ages “incubator” music venue—if a band is young, new, or looking to grow their following, the space could be available to them to get experience running a show and learn the ropes of being on stage. This could be great for young musicians or attendees who aren’t yet able to get into 18+ or 21+ shows.
I can also see a seminar-style, TED-talk-type program happening in this space, where each presenter gives a short, 5- to 10-minute talk on a topic that interests them — anything from fly-fishing to Middle-Eastern politics to new scientific breakthroughs. As the building used to be a school, this could continue the educational thread (without the bathroom passes and homework!).

Deborah Haak

Deborah is a core community member of *culture is not optional and works at the Three Rivers Public Library.