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Imaginarium ideas, day 11: Brother Abraham

45 Ideas: Br. Abraham

45 Ideas: Br. Abraham

We asked friends, neighbors, and community partners to give us their ideas for the brand-new Imaginarium once it’s completed. There’s still time to submit YOUR idea for the Imaginarium for a chance to win a sweet Huss Project prize pack!

Here’s what Brother Abraham said:

Where in Three Rivers is someone likely to spot you, and what would you be doing there?

I am a monk at St. Gregory’s Abbey west of Three Rivers. I have been there for 26 years—working in the garden and kitchen, publishing newsletters, driving guests to and from the train station/airport, and mostly praying for the peace and health of our world. In whatever time is left, I like reading Fantastic Four comic books and watching IndyCar races.


What is your connection to Huss?

I know about the Huss Project through my acquaintance with the members of *culture is not optional. They love the place and people around them and work to show that love by doing good things for the place and people around them.


The Huss Project is working on turning the old kindergarten room into a cool new space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and room for community events. What’s your most creative idea for something that could happen there?

I hope that people from different backgrounds and with different ideas and beliefs could gather there and calmly discuss their differences and similarities—coming away with the realization that even with their differences they still deserve respect as persons who desire the best for the world and the people in it.

Deborah Haak

Deborah is a core community member of *culture is not optional and works at the Three Rivers Public Library.