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Future Fest preview: Tasty treats for every appetite!

Future Fest: Food

Future Fest: Food

A golden summer day, a picnic table beneath the trees, a kickin’ band kickin’ it right over there, and fresh garden veggies to munch, delectable barbeque to tear into, or a snowcone piled high with fluffy ice and dripping with syrup to keep the heat at bay. This Saturday, all that and more awaits you at Huss Future Fest, so grab a friend and wander over to the Huss Project to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the season and the neighborhood.

If you want to get a head start on finding the best rummage deals, Tim Raakman will be personing the espresso machine for all your caffeination needs, and you can stop by the bake sale for a breakfast scone or three (or have cake for breakfast!). At lunchtime, the Farmers Market will be serving up the finest local and organically-grown salad available, as well as freshly-made hummus. Ambassadors for Christ will be there with a barbeque stand and snow cones, if salad just won’t fill you up.

The Farmers Market will be open all day, so come with your shopping list and stock up on greens, carrots, beans, berries, and a multitudinous variety of produce, all grown within 15 miles of Three Rivers And if you come for the back-to-school backpacks, the first 300 children will receive a free slice of pizza, graciously donated by Hovey’s.

Come let us nourish you!