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Did you miss our presentation? Watch it now!

As part of a Community Visioning process in Three Rivers, Michigan, the Huss Project was invited to present our project for consideration as a community priority moving into the future. After a short 2-minute presentation during the second session, we received enough votes from the community to be invited back for a longer 10-minute presentation at the last session this past Wednesday to answer this question:  How would the Huss Project spend $500,000?

We know many of you weren’t able to attend in person, but we still wanted you to see and hear our presentation.  So, we recorded a version and made a video of our slides so that you can see and hear our vision for how we would spend $500,000 at the Huss Project — which you can view above.

To voice your support for the Huss Project to our city officials, please contact your city commissioner and the mayor. Thank you to our wonderful community for all of your support!