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Postmarked Sep 12, 1919

1919 postcard

We recently received a note from a friend (thanks, Jim!) with a link to a listing on Ebay for a postcard with a picture of Huss School on the front — postmarked September 12, 1919.  The school building first opened its doors on May 19, 1919, so we knew this photo must be one of the earliest photos taken of the building. Needless to say, we bought the postcard and it arrived late last week (see both sides below).

It appears the photo was taken shortly after construction, given the state of the site.  Things we’ve been noticing:

  1. The windows and doors are beautiful! We really hope we can come close to matching the originals in style and quality when we replace the current windows and doors.
  2. The light fixtures above the two main entrances: we’d always wondered what kind of fixtures were there originally and now we know.
  3. The bicycle leaned against the building (to the right of the leftmost door) and the bicycle just around the back corner of the building.  Almost 100 years later, bikes still seem to naturally congregate in that corner of the building!
  4. Is that a temporary hitching post in the front yard (on the left)?
  5. 1 cent postage.

Do you notice anything of interest?

1919 postcard front

1919 postcard back