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Hussagram: Let there be light (again)!

Huss work day - 6.28.13

During last Friday’s workday, *cino interns (like Chelsea, above) and staff prepared the old Kindergarten Room for a Storytelling Night that evening. The room has come along way in the last year; the drop ceiling is entirely gone, which makes the space feel so much more open! But the biggest, most exciting work in recent days is the whimsical chandeliers we’ve hung. Former *cino staffers Chad and Stephanie Morgan-Sterenberg donated these beautiful chandeliers to The Huss Project last September after they were used for lighting at their wedding reception. As we make improvements like these, we are making steps toward this year’s Future Festival, but also towards a larger dream for The Huss Project as a whole. It is a good reminder of the whimsical life we hope to foster in years to come at the Huss Project!