Hussagram: Ridiculous joy!

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Jay Howard


(Past and present *cino staffers during a spring break service-learning program in March. Left to right: Deborah Haak, Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma, Elizabeth Brouwer, Rob Vander Giessen-Reitsma, Jordan Skinner, Jay Howard, Kyle Luck.)

In the midst of our often chaotic lives, we must remember to be joyful (“though we have considered all the facts”). *culture is not optional has been busy fundraising, hosting Underground Supper Clubs, planning Family Fun Nights, preparing for the Water Festival parade, imagining the Fourth Annual Huss Future Festival, and, of course, working with our new summer interns. While attempting to stay on top of all of the work that needs to be done, it’s good to remember that our work and the people with whom we’re doing the work are a gift. And so we try to find moments like this one, in the middle of it all, for some ridiculous joy!