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Reason #12: Teaching a transferrable skill

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Reason #12: Event planning is a transferrable skill that young people will be able to apply in many other settings.
If you’ve ever planned an event for a large group of people, you know all of the skills and abilities required. Think about planning a wedding. In the process, couples learn how to communicate their preferences and identities, how to resolve conflicts, how to focus on what’s important in the middle of stress, where to find the resources they need, how to work within limitations, and so much more. When young people are given responsibility to plan events and develop a series of activities, they’re challenged to consider issues of mission, resources, audience, promotion and hospitality. They learn to evaluate the past and dream for the future, to develop specialties and adapt on the fly. Learning how to plan events cultivates skills that are transferrable to a wide variety of vocations and event planning itself is useful for many professions and life events.