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Reason #10: Inviting a variety of gifts

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Reason #10: An all-ages art venue will make it possible for community members to use personal strengths in meaningful ways.
One of the most wonderful and challenging aspects of an all-ages arts venue is the diverse array of gifts it requires to pull off a successful event or programming. Having worked with several non-profits on concert production and other large-scale community events, I’ve witnessed it firsthand. What’s good about this reality is that it’s impossible for anyone to work alone and take all of the credit. We’ll need people who are equipped to clean, greet, organize ticket sales, select musicians, show hospitality to artists, raise funds, gather sponsors, design posters, run sound, set up lighting, create Facebook events and so, so much more. Such a list might seem daunting, but the necessity of a committed group strengthens the overall project. More people have a sense of ownership and the whole enterprise doesn’t fall apart when one person drops the ball because of carelessness or crisis. People of widely varying abilities can have a place where they are needed for the sake of the common good.