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The Interns: Week One

Last week, four of our six *cino interns moved into the rectory of Trinity Episcopal Church, just a short walk down Main Street from my and Rob’s apartment, and a short bike ride from Huss School.
At the moment, Johnathan is working at his paid internship with White Yarrow Farm while the rest of us are enjoying the cool early-summer breeze flowing through the VG-R aerie at 37 N. Main. Liz and Marian are collecting quotes for the daily asterisk (sign up here to receive the fruits of their labor via e-mail every week day), while Paul is getting started on grant research for the Imagining Space project. Now playing: The Middle East.
Last week was a patchwork of arrivals and re-arrivals and getting-started sorts of tasks. We…

  • Moved furniture and belongings to and fro.
  • Cleaned the rectory and arranged it to look like a home.
  • Started to stock the rectory pantry.
  • Shared our first Friday evening meal together–homemade lasagna, breadsticks, salad (picked and prepared by Johnathan), rhubarb crumble (local rhubarb with Marian’s neighbor’s recipe), English tea (prepared by Paul).
  • Attended the Sunday service and annual workday with Trinity Episcopal.
  • Chipped in at the Triple Ripple Community Garden at Huss.
  • Started the training process at World Fare with Marian, Paul and Johnathan.
  • Walked, biked and drove around town to become more familiar with the place.

This afternoon over lunch, we’ll have our first official meeting as a staff to continue fostering a cohesive sense of purpose, building relationships with one another, communicating and assigning tasks–and of course, nourishing our bodies with fresh, local, delicious, homemade food! One of the items on our agenda will be figuring out how to document this intern experiment in a way that welcomes you, our readers out there, into the story, so stay tuned for more to come…

Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma

Kirstin is a member of the *culture is not optional core community and is the Head Caretaker at GilChrist Retreat Center.