VolunteerRob Vander Giessen-Reitsma

As a space for people with a wide variety of gifts and skill levels, the Huss Project’s volunteer opportunities are always evolving.  To participate in any of the activities below or offer your gifts in another area, please contact us.  Also, check out our summer internships and intentional community.

Triple Ripple Community Gardens
Triple Ripple Community Gardens, based at the Huss Project, needs volunteers of all skill levels and abilities to serve in various capacities with the garden, including promotion, programming, planning, fundraising, and of course: pulling weeds!

Huss Future Festival
Every year, a committee and a group of volunteers organize this one-day food, art, play and fundraising festival.  If you enjoy things like promotion, event planning, coordinating kids’ activities, greeting visitors or playing music, please get in touch.

Community Fun Nights
The Huss Project launched a weekly gathering and play time in the summer of 2012, with great response from neighbors, especially kids.  We could use help coordinating and supervising these activities as we adapt and improve them for future summers.

Open Work Days
Occasionally, especially in preparation for big events or at the change of seasons, we put out a general call for labor help indoors and out.  Let us know if you’d like to be on the list for these kinds of activities.

Skilled Labor
Especially as we ramp up our efforts to begin renovating a space at the Huss Project for year-round use, we need volunteers with special skills in the following areas:

  • Architectural services
  • Systems: plumbing, electric, heating/cooling
  • Construction
  • Web design